This is what GTA 6 locations look like in real life. Specific locations have been found

The community gathered around GTA 6 was able to find several locations that have been seen in leaks.

GTA 6 will be modeled on the real world, as standard. This means that the game itself will feature many different types of locations that exist in real life. Those gathered around Grand Theft Auto have tracked down several such locations.

All this comes, of course, from leaks, which at one time were very meticulously removed by Rockstar. Today, few people are particularly concerned about this.

Places from the game in reality

The locations really exist, although some of the photos may be a bit old. Reportedly, Rockstar went to each location and verified what it looks like today.

One can be a little envious of Americans having the chance to visit authentic places. In theory, people from other countries can also go there, but naturally, most will never do so.