Rockstar is putting a strong focus on GTA 6. The interiors of the cars prove it perfectly

Thanks to leaks, we know what the interiors of selected cars look like at this stage.

How many times have you looked at the interior of a car in previous GTAs during normal gameplay? Most did so rather rarely. Meanwhile, the leaks show that even to such details Rockstar is paying a lot of attention.

Of course, it will only get better, because for now, we’re talking about an uncontrolled leak by Rockstar that wasn’t supposed to see the light of day.

The amount of detail in vehicles

The amount of detail may be an indication of the thoroughness with which the developers and, naturally, the artists approach the tasks assigned to them. It is still not clear, unfortunately, when to expect the results of all this work.

It’s interesting that every element that doesn’t even necessarily have to be movable can be activated in some way anyway. Probably it won’t be useful in any way during normal gameplay, but perhaps during some cutscenes, possibly POV.

The only thing players are hoping for is a better first-person perspective camera to convey this world.