Two free skins for Fortnite players for the Winterfest 2022. Superstyles and more

Today Fortnite is getting a new update, marked as 23.10. With this, players got to know, among other things, the appearance of super levels.

The new update is very interesting for several reasons. Players can see the appearance of super levels for the first time. Naturally, clearer and larger graphics will appear in some time. In addition, it is worth noting that free rewards for Winterfest 2022 are already appearing. Presentation of the entire menu:


As for the superstyles, they are as follows:

There are also some new sets:

Of course, this is only the first run of items, so this will all still be subject to change. In any case, you can also see the free items for the upcoming Winter Festival. The first skin will be up for grabs today on the Epic Store:

The second one along with the rest is yet to come.

Skins will be available to pick up starting today, December 13. This information is confirmed by the most popular leakers: