Rankeds officially in Fortnite. Like in LoL, it will be possible to be bronze or iron

Epic has officially revealed that Fortnite will get a ranked mode. From the announcement, it seems that it will be exactly something in the style of other productions like LoL.

Details remain unknown, while it is already known that there will be several ranks. From the way the announcement is made, we can infer that it will be something in the style of the classic division into specific ranks – this system is familiar to practically everyone.

Epic in the announcement only writes:

A new way to get Royal Victories is coming…

Will you manage to climb through the ranks?

Rankeds in Fortnite

It is not yet known what the ranks will be called, their appearance may suggest that Epic will go classic with elements of gold, diamond, etc.

The launch date has not been officially disclosed, while leakers here are betting on May 16, with the 24.40 update.