New Batman skin, backpack, glider and pickaxe for free. It will also appear in the store

Epic has officially unveiled new cosmetic items that will be available soon.

Epic on its official site announces:

“You may remember The Foundation at the bottom of the ocean, activating after a long slumber. But this ocean was not the Island’s. The Foundation has found himself in Gotham Harbor, and in Gotham he detects energy from the Zero Point.”

And that’s what the next comic book, which will include codes for cosmetic items, will be about. The premiere of the comic is scheduled for October 26.

Code for items

Similar to the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point series, Batman/Fortnite: Foundation includes code for an additional comic book-inspired digital item with Fortnite DC themes. What item will be included in the Batman/Fortnite: Foundation comic?

  • Batman Skin – Who Laughs,
  • Robin’s Perch Back Bling,
  • Dark Days Loading Screen.

The Dark Days Loading Screen, available by redeeming a code from Batman/Fortnite: Foundation:

Not planning on getting the comic right away but still want the Outfit? Stop us if you’ve already heard this one: The Batman Who Laughs Outfit and Robin’s Perch Back Bling — as well as a Dark Multiverse Set Pickaxe and Glider — will be in the Fortnite Item Shop starting October 26 at 8 PM ET!