Huge balloons, an item that allows you to teleport. The weirdest things that didn’t make it to Fortnite

Fortnite hides many different secrets from players, including items and weapons that have never been released.

Epic created a lot of mechanics that came to Fortnite. There were also many different projects that failed to appear on the official servers. Everyone associates the case of Zapatron and strange traps, but few know that the developers have even worked on balloons.

But not those that lift players. It was an item that was thrown into rooms, for example, to “smoke out” enemies. How did it work, and what other items are hidden in the game files?

Items and weapons that never came out

The mechanics of these balloons was very simple. It was a throwing object – the balloons were starting to rise, destroying buildings and everything around them.


However, this isn’t the only thing Epic has been working on that hasn’t been finished. There is also a grenade that was supposed to teleport players to a designated place.


At one point, the studio also wanted to release the shotgun with a very high firing rate. Finally, it was abandoned due to too much power.


Weapons with gnomes existed and were at an advanced stage of development. The developers decided that it does not match the current Fortnite and the project was suspended. It is not known whether this concept will ever return.

All of these things may still be in the game, but there is little chance of that. There is a lot of this type of weapon or mechanic – there are oil traps or an item that allows you to jump after each shot.


Epic had a lot of ideas, most of them were realized. Others are waiting their turn or were abandoned.