When you only have a short break before the next game and you need to eat something quickly…

This player showed that in electronic sports it is not only skill in the game that counts.

The DPC WEU Division 2 competition is currently underway in Dota 2. It would seem that in electronic sports only in-game skills count, but one player has shown that other ones are also important. One of them is eating fast.

To defeat rivals, the progamer had to overcome hunger first

In the clip below you can see the whole situation. At the time of the break, the player just decided to eat something, and due to the approaching end of the break – he had to do it really quickly. Consequently, he simply took a slice of bread and then put it all in his mouth, which made the audience laugh.


This is part of the comments that almost immediately appeared in the chat. The audience was clearly amused by the whole situation.

The situation was quite natural and the player was in a rush and almost certainly did not care about such a reaction from the community.