Twitter is testing a really interesting solution, and opinions are heavily mixed

What might Twitter look like soon? Another sizable change is being tested by the platform.

Twitter has been undergoing a veritable metamorphosis since being bought out by Elon Musk. The platform has been changing dramatically recently, as shown, among other things, by the things developers are working on – the ability to create conversations or send voice messages – CLICK.

Now information has emerged about another thing Twitter is planning to introduce. A two-column board, which shows news posted by observed users, may soon arrive on the platform. Testing has begun for the moment, but it may go to all users when the developers think the solution is ready.

A new feature on Twitter

The testing, which has not yet been implemented for all users, involves splitting Twitter’s timeline into two columns, allowing tweets to be displayed side-by-side. This change has the potential to offer users a more organized and efficient way to view their boards, especially on the large and collapsible screens of select mobile devices.

Opinions on the new feature divided the Twitter community, and individual users made no secret of their thoughts, sharing them in the comments. Some praised the potential benefits of the two-column layout, highlighting the ability to take advantage of unused space and the convenience of having multiple columns, especially on online platforms and larger devices such as iPads. Some even mentioned existing tools such as TweetDeck, which already offer multi-column views and are popular among advanced users.

On the other hand, there were those who didn’t necessarily like the solution. They questioned whether Twitter needed such a thing at all, raising concerns about the user experience and the potential clutter that multiple columns could introduce. Some expressed their preference for the current layout and expressed skepticism about Twitter’s overall testing initiatives.

It is important to note that Twitter has not yet confirmed that the two-column board will go to everyone and become the default way to view news. Developers are looking for solutions to improve the user experience on the platform, as regularly tested solutions show. Twitter also relies on feedback from users, which shows a commitment to providing the best possible experience for users.