Twitter doesn’t seem to have thought this through. Anyone with verification can now do this

How is Twitter still trying to encourage the use of paid subscription?

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms right next to Instagram and Facebook. Although all of them operate in slightly different ways, each of them is quite popular and constantly evolving.

Elon Musk – CEO of Twitter – wrote a few days ago about plans to introduce both private and group voice calls (Twitter will gain voice messenger-like features. A complete change of direction), and now there’s news regarding the decidedly longer videos that will be able to appear on the platform than before.

Another privilege of Twitter Blue users

Data has recently been published that indicates that Twitter Blue is not doing well. A huge portion of users who decided to subscribe when it was unveiled have already managed to abandon it. In addition, the data shows that Twitter Blue has had virtually no impact on audience growth (Is Twitter Blue a flop? You’ll be surprised how many people have already quit paying).

If Twitter wants any interest in subscriptions, it needs to introduce more benefits hidden behind payments. Elon Musk announced one of them – from now on Twitter Blue users will be able to publish much longer videos – their duration can now be up to two hours, and the size is limited to 8 GB.

The news has been really warmly welcomed by users, who at the same time are impressed by how huge the servers must be in terms of capacity that the platform has at its disposal.

There were also a lot of contributions from users who thought it would be a great idea to publish animated movies known from memes, such as Shrek or Bee Movie. And this is where a problem arises. Already full versions of all sorts of movies have appeared on the platform.

Twitter will certainly not stop there and will introduce more features to make the platform more attractive to users. The biggest problem is with copyright – there is a lack of tools that efficiently detect this.