The streamer threatens Twitch with legal action. The reason is the theft of “entire paycheck”

Will Twitch have legal problems? The reason is the theft of the “entire paycheck” of one of the streamers.

“Killadelphia” is a Twitch streamer who mainly broadcasts Call of Duty. He has about 9,000 fans on the platform. He has recently published loads of critical posts against the site claiming to have been robbed of “his entire paycheck”.

This situation is really weird, but it could make the streaming portal face legal problems. What’s this about?

The problem is related to PayPal accounts and is more popular than it seems

On October 15 this year, “Killadelphia” reported on his social media that it had been robbed of his entire paycheck. Probably someone has mysteriously logged into the streamer’s account and changed the withdrawal details. As soon as the author of the broadcast realized that something was wrong – he immediately decided to explain the matter via e-mail and an entry in social media.

The streamer obviously got a response from Twitch Support, but it was definitely not very satisfactory:

Therefore, the broadcaster of the “Killadelphia” channel decided to take legal action against Twitch and thus try to claim his stolen money.

At present, it is difficult to explain how the alleged hacker was able to bypass or pass 2-Step Verification. It seems that the problem is mainly related to streamers’ PayPal accounts – especially since this is not the first time that has happened. It is very possible that the problem is related to the recent Twitch leak, which revealed, among other things, the earnings of the creators.