Footballer Gerard Pique and Twitch streamer Ibai organized the Balloon-kicking World Championship

It sounds like a joke, but this event was the hit on Twitch yesterday.

622,000 – this is how many people watched the world championship in ballooning yesterday. As fun as it sounds, it really turned out to be a great initiative. Gerard Pique and Ibai know each other very well and often come up with strange ideas together.

Ibai is a very popular Spanish Twitch streamer. He is watched by over 8 million people, and his all-time record is 1.5 million people watching it at one time. Such numbers allow you to implement even the strangest ideas.

It started with TikTok and ended with a professional championship

It all started with the recording a TikTok:


Then the idea turned into something that can safely be called a hit. Although the whole thing was broadcasted in Spanish, probably everyone watched it. They were really professionally prepared.

There was an opening ceremony, there was a division into groups, there were matches.

What were the matches themselves? Special “playing fields”, ie rooms, were built to play them. You can see that the inspiration was really drawn from TikTok. The games were incredibly tight and there was no shortage of great action.