IShowSpeed accidentally spent $175,000 on a fedora in Roblox

175 thousand dollars spent by accident. Fedora in the game at a huge price.

Spending real money on microtransactions in games is no longer anything spectacular – practically every online game offers a premium currency that allows you to purchase content that is unavailable without using cash.

Nevertheless, transactions that take place for really high amounts of money continue to stir up a lot of excitement and sometimes even controversy – especially when the purchase is made accidentally.

175 thousand dollars for a fedora

For someone unfamiliar with the fedora in Roblox, the sight of it selling for thousands of dollars is absurd. However, those who know the vast history of the item and its exclusivity would know how iconic some of them are.

The Classic Roblox fedora – the first fedora added to the game – sells for thousands on the resell market. This headwear commands such a high price because of its exclusivity and the amount it was ever released in.

One of them was the Midnight Blue Sparkle Time fedora, of which only 100 were released, which IShowSpeed accidentally bought live for 14 million Robux.

During the broadcast, a viewer urged the streamer to check out the fedora on his Discord as he browsed the most expensive items in Roblox. Seeing the price, Speed thought it would be funny to bait the viewer by showing that he was going to buy the fedora, eventually abandoning the purchase at the confirmation.

What he didn’t realize, however, was that he had clicked the button that had confirmed and unknowingly made one of the most expensive fedora purchases at 14,000,000 Robux. This barely reaches the most expensive fedora at 15,000,000 Robux apiece.

According to the Robux calculator, buying the 14,000,000 Robux needed to purchase the fedora would cost about $175,000. The currency can be resold, but Speed won’t get much of his money back. Developers can qualify to convert their Robux into real money, called DevEx. When converting, however, a lot is lost due to exchange rate conversions and taxes. In total, its real value is $49,000 after DevEx conversion.