“Brilliant” streamer talked to a 15-year-old. He went to jail during the broadcast

His actions finally translated into real consequences. The streamer was arrested for strange proposals made to a 15-year-old girl.

Suspendas is one of the weirdest streamers in the world. Now the streamer, along with a buddy nicknamed “Slightly Homeless,” went to Nepal, where they streamed IRL.

On May 18, these two streamers chatted with a 15-year-old girl, to whom they offered marriage. This was taken overly seriously and the streamers ended up in jail. These are no jokes, as Nepal takes such matters incredibly seriously. They face 60 days to – beware – 10 years in prison.

Arrest on stream

The facts are that the streamers were talking to two teenage girls. One girl was 15, the other 16. Immoral proposals were reportedly made there. The moment of the arrest was recorded, but you can’t see much there.


The entire explanation was found in a 10-minute video with excerpts from the streams. In a nutshell, simply put, the US streamers are currently in jail. The embassy already knows about the case, and talks have begun regarding what will happen next.

The police and services themselves are talking about filing charges for harassment of minors. This is a really serious “incident,” where stupid probably jokes can end up in actual jail time for a few nice years.


For the time being, the streamers are reportedly to be either deported or brought to trial after a full court hearing.