How much does one of the world’s biggest streamers earn after moving to Youtube? The amount may surprise you

Ludwig shared his earnings. His account receives several tens of thousands of dollars a day.

A career as a streamer is not so easy. Many people often have to sacrifice a lot for it, give up their social life or overwork themselves beyond the norm. However, if it goes well, the earnings are gigantic.

Ludwig’s earnings

Probably everyone watching Twitch is familiar with Ludwig. Still, despite the fact that he changed his platform to YouTube, he is TOP 1 in terms of subscriptions on the channel. In total, he has accumulated more than 283,000 subs on Twitch at one point.

His start was not so easy. In an interview with Graham Stephan, he admitted that he started from scratch and had nothing. In college, he tried to become a comedian but quickly realized that it was a job that required a mass of sacrifices, including social life and mental health.

Later, while working full time, he discovered streaming. Together with his roommate Slim, he ran a podcast that gathered several hundred viewers. Constantly thinking about trends, broadcasts, planning everything and looking at popular personae brought results. Now he has 15 employees under him and earns $25,000 a day. Of course, he has to pay his bills and the people helping him out of that, but it’s still a huge number.

“Right now my main motivator is that I have 15 employees and if the company collapses, they will all lose their jobs,” he says.

His doings can be watched on YouTube. He has amassed nearly 3.6 million followers on his channel, and the videos he additionally makes usually do more than a million views.