Discord suddenly turned on its April Fools’ Day joke. What was it supposed to be?

Discord this morning greeted users with its joke that was to be activated on April 1st. But something went wrong.

Some people may remember that we wrote about Discord’s plans for April 1. The platform was to launch a new option, called “Powermode”. It’s not like the leaks were wrong, Discord just overslept.

Either that or the devs did not make it in time. Anyway, the platform only turned on this option this morning – probably by mistake. However, it’s good to know what awaits users next year, DC will probably use this concept in 2023.

What has Discord prepared?

Today there is a new tab in the settings. By the time you go to check it out, it has been turned off after a few hours.

These are just random settings, the change of which did absolutely nothing. The only question is why it was introduced only now and was the only joke really supposed to be “AAAAA”?

So far, everything points to it. Unfortunately, it was turned off at a time when only people unfamiliar with the topic knew about it. Everyone thought it was just some kind of mistake.