Discord will add new “decorating profiles”. They may be animated frames or other decorations

Discord is constantly evolving. Information about plans to change the messenger appears almost every day.

Discord has launched an interface for some users that theoretically allows you to add something called “decorations”. For now, unfortunately, the presented squares are empty, but users are already making a theory as to what it might look like.

Some voices say Discord plans to add various frames and additional options for Nitro owners. However, this has not been confirmed in any way. Others suggest that Messenger will introduce a system similar to what works on Steam.

Profile decorations on Discord

So far, unfortunately, there is no preview of the decorations, it looks like this:

From OSTesters

There is no information about the planned release date for this feature – since it doesn’t even have decorations, it’s probably some early stage of testing. It is difficult to say anything more about it, except that it will probably be an option available for Nitro owners.