Channel views are disappearing from Twitch in just a few days. Officially, it will not be possible to see them anymore

Twitch removes the channel views, because they were reportedly not reliable in any way.

A message appeared on Twitch about the removal of “views” on April 14th. However, it is not about all views on VOD or the streams themselves. Twitch came to the conclusion that channel views are unnecessary – a large proportion of them are generated simply by bots.

For this reason, the platform removes channel views, a statistic that was often given to advertisers. This will no longer be shown.

Removal of channel views

The message itself may be a bit confusing, because Twitch writes about “Views”. These are total views of the channel.

  • You will still be able to see the number of viewers normally.
  • VOD views will still be available.

The plan will be implemented on April 14, so there is still time to take screenshots, save the results etc. From what you can see on social media, it doesn’t make much difference to people – viewers rarely paid attention to it.