Streamers want to check out the new DLC, but can’t. The game is banned by Twitch

Doja Cat will be included in the DLC for the popular game, which, unfortunately for streamers and the artist herself, was banned from Twitch for 18+ content.

House Party is one of the games that appear on the list of banned games. In short, the production has been banned on Twitch since 2018. Now its creators wanted to talk to Twitch about unbans.

Despite reworking the hottest scenes, Twitch held on to its decision. The CEO responsible for production talks about double standards (referring to swimming pools). He also mentions Cyberpunk or The Witcher and their 18+ scenes.

The game remains banned

In case you were wondering what House Party is about, the title says it all. This is a house party game where you pick up girls and then do all kinds of things with them. There is vulgar content, blackmailing with stolen photos, etc.

In the beginning, the game had censorship added, then it was removed, and now it has been adjusted to the standards of fairly normal games. Despite this, Twitch maintained its decision, so the game is still considered illegal for streaming.

Unfortunately, many streamers would like to play it. The DLC with Doja Cat sounds like free content. It is worth mentioning that the game has sold over a million copies. So it is not some little game.


The CEO of Eek! Games speaks openly about double standards. He points to special pool categories, other games that are allowed, and 18+ content that gets smuggled in one way or another. This, however, will not change anything. Streamers will not be allowed to play House Party.

It’s interesting how the fact that the game made fun of the pools a little bit influenced the decision.