Your computer can’t cope with CSGO? The players launched Counter Strike on the console from 2004

Counter-Strike is a really popular title. Now there is an option to play it on a mobile device.

Counter-Strike is a series that greatly affected and changed the gaming community. The title is extremely popular in the world, so it is not surprising that many of its more or less faithful copies were created on various devices, including, of course, portable ones.

One of them has recently been Nintendo DS, on which it is already possible to play CS. And as you may know, this is a really old console that has been on the market for 18 years.

The CS port on the Nintendo DS is amazing

One of the game developers, known to the community as “Fewenity”, decided to recreate Counter-Strike on a Nintendo DS console. Therefore, on the trip, you can play Valve’s FPS on this device. The title already looks pretty great, although its creator informs that work on it is still in progress.

The device allows players to buy on the lower, touchscreen, while all the action takes place on the upper one. The first announcements of this project appeared in February 2021, and only now has it seen the light of day.


So far, the alpha version of the game contains a rough look at the single-player mode, but in the future, there will be a multiplayer feature. The game can be downloaded at this link.