This is pure pain in CSGO. Everything is perfect, every headshot lands, and suddenly…

Sometimes everything just goes right, at some point you know that you will have a clip compilation to share with your friends. Until the worst moment comes.

Ace is something really special in CS: GO. It happens rarely and makes players happy every time, regardless of how long they play. Sometimes there are situations when everything just goes well, you eliminate opponent after opponent.

This adrenaline, this killing of the last player is a lot of fun. The worst thing is if it gets spoiled in some way. This is exactly what happened to a Reddit user with the nickname “ilikelink”, who called his post “pain” and there is probably no better way to describe it.

A real pain in CS: GO

In this case, everything looked just as it was supposed to. In theory, the real disappointment and this mentioned pain will reveal themselves at the end.


You can imagine how the player felt when the round clearly went wrong. While it’s hard to say if it could have been done better, maybe just take the last opponent down first, not “fake”? It is difficult to say whether it would have worked then.