What does the new CSGO update change? One pack is particularly popular

A new update has arrived to CS: GO. Music packs and some map changes have been added. Nothing about Source 2.

If someone was counting on Source 2 with absolutely no official announcement, then no, it didn’t happen. Instead, the update focuses on the music packs, there are also a few changes typically not in CS: GO itself, but in various functions:

When it comes to what attracted the most people, these are music packs. Interestingly, one of them has already become extremely popular.

New CS: GO update

The music packs are:

It is worth noting that Valve added a package of one of YouTubers – 3kliksphilip. However, it was another pack that gained popularity:

What does it sound like?


In addition, the update also includes map changes:

This is not a breakthrough update, but we certainly won’t classify it as one of the worst. It could always be just additional translations.