One sentence from Valve that CSGO players immediately picked up in the 10th birthday announcement

CS: GO officially celebrates its 10th birthday. Nothing amazing happened in the game – stickers have arrived, the map pool has been changed and that’s about it.

Changing the maps for the 10th anniversary is very important, but people expected something more. A lot of speculation was not even talking about Source 2, but about a new operation, for example, or something that will re-engage the community.

The operation didn’t come about, but nothing is lost. Valve’s news is optimistic, although it is difficult to say to what extent it is just a thrown text, and how much a preview of something upcoming.

CS: GO is just getting started

Valve said on its Twitter account that CS: GO was just getting started. The entry, of course, gained great popularity, because players immediately noticed it.

What’s so special about this message? Well, normally no one would pay much attention to it. If not for one sentence.

What is Valve talking about here? According to speculation, of course, about Source 2, but it might as well have been written by someone who doesn’t mean anything specific. The last few months have shown that we shouldn’t get too excited about every little thing.