Valve responds to posts about Counter Strike 2. And the official blog already has a description waiting to be published

Valve must have noticed the stir caused by all the rumors, speculations, leaks, and theories regarding Counter-Strike 2, the engine change in CS: GO to Source 2.

Valve has certainly seen what’s going on already, not only on social media but also at least on the official channels of various esports teams. Everyone is talking about Counter-Strike 2.

The developers, or at least the person in charge of running social media, decided to respond to all this, but in classic style. So nothing other than a traditional GIF from The Office was to be expected:

A new blog post already waiting

Leakers have arrived at an interesting piece of information regarding a new post waiting on the official blog. It’s possible that it’s information about Source 2, but don’t particularly look forward to it.

We have to wait, whatever happens, nothing new is likely to surface at this stage. Unless, of course, it comes directly from Valve.