Source 2 ready for release. CSGO update in final stages before official release

Source 2 can now appear literally at any time. The update has reached the final stage before release.

Those who follow news about CS:GO are convinced that Source 2 and, at the same time, Counter-Strike 2 are already on the final straight. This is indicated by an update waiting on Steam. There is no option that these are mere translations.

This is actually very good information. All that remains is to wait and hope that it will happen sooner rather than later.

What maps will be available in the beta?

According to a list provided by file searchers, the list of potential maps that will appear in the beta is as follows:

  • de_overpass_s2
  • de_shortdust_s2
  • de_lake_s2
  • de_inferno_s2
  • ar_shoots_s2
  • cs_italy_s2
  • de_cbble_s2

These are just speculations, but Gabe Follower is unlikely to give out unverified information, so you can get ready that these are the maps that will be in the basic Counter-Strike 2 location pool.