That’s how much Valve paid for the Tuscan map in CSGO. You can easily buy yourself a nice apartment

An API leak revealed how much Valve probably paid to buy back the Tuscan map from its creators.

Can creating maps for CS:GO be profitable? By all means. The latest leak from the CS API shows how much specifically Valve was supposed to have paid for the Tuscan map. Naturally, you still have to deduct taxes from that, but it’s still a pretty nice amount considering the time spent on the map.

The only strange thing is how this information was leaked. It managed to get it directly from the API, so you have to approach it with caution. It’s unclear why Valve put it out there in the first place.

How much did Valve pay for the Tuscan map?

According to the available information, one map currently costs $150,000. Quite a pleasant amount, for which you can already buy either a good car or a nice apartment.

For Valve, these are probably not some dizzying sums, after all, the giant makes a huge amount of money only on crates. On the other hand, it was clear from previous interviews that the earnings of map makers are much lower.