Counter-Strike 2 beta: who will be able to get in, what should it look like, is it free?

All the leakers are describing the new features coming to Counter-Strike 2, but what about the beta?

The Counter-Strike 2 beta is currently one of the most interesting topics in the CS:GO community. What should it look like and will it be free? According to available information, at some point, there will simply be an option to play the CS2 beta in the CS client.

All this will be in the form of DLC, an add-on to the regular Global Offensive. The beta will be available to everyone, without any codes or keys. At least that’s what the leakers are indicating – but it’s worth approaching with a pinch of salt.

Counter-Strike 2 beta

The beta could appear at literally any time. It will be visible from the level of Steam, while everyone will learn about it at the speed of light anyway. It will be an option to play the DLC for free, without restrictions.

The beta itself will be a test, and it is unclear what will be included. Potentially limited content, but what exactly – is unknown. One can only speculate on a few weapons, one or two maps and a simple matchmaking system.