Valve responded to how CSGO looks on Source 2, and after a few minutes they deleted their post

Valve did something weird. It removed its reply to Tweet about Source 2.

It’s hard to say what exactly happened here, or rather why it happened. Anyway, one of the popular CS: GO community members posted on his Twitter a post about Source 2 and the look of CS: GO on the new engine:

What you see is not a screenshot from the game. The Russian artist created it completely from scratch using graphics programs. It must be admitted, however, that it is still impressive.

Valve responds before deleting the answer

Nobody expected Valve to answer anything on this topic. Until now, the developers pretended the Source 2 topic didn’t exist, they just didn’t mention it, didn’t answer questions.

Until yesterday. The official account wrote back:

What’s so wrong with that? Basically nothing. The official account sometimes likes to reply to players for their suggestions, artwork, etc. Normally, no one would have paid any attention to it, if not for the fact that the entry was deleted after a few minutes.

It is very possible that the person responsible for the account was reprimanded – after all, the unwritten rule of not responding to any entries about Source 2 was broken. On the other hand, it is really difficult to understand this decision, after all, the awareness of the new engine is very large in the community and probably nobody would consider it to be some kind of announcement.