Valve liked the post, causing quite a controversy among CSGO players. Why?

Valve liked one of the posts on Twitter, while at the same time signing under it in a way.

The topic of active maps in CS:GO has always stirred up bigger and smaller controversies. Now one player asked the developers if they could introduce community-type maps into active service in the future.

Of course, Valve didn’t answer. Instead, the developers decided to like one of the comments. It’s a clever way to respond, but at the same time not to do so. In theory, there is nothing amazing in the response, but it was enough.

Community maps in CS:GO?

The question was very simple:

CS:GO did not respond, while developers liked the post:

And that was enough. Map makers have taken a strong interest in the topic, of course criticizing this attitude of Valve. It seems that players would like to see community maps in the active pool, while there is no such possibility, at least for the moment.

The topic has also crossed over to Reddit, where it has sparked additional discussion. Some believe that total control on the part of Valve is something needed, while others believe that it could be given back to the players, however.