Valve is shutting down a project to port CSGO to Source 2. And players have no doubt what this means

Valve has sent letters to those involved in the project to port CS: GO to a new engine.

“Gabe Follower” was one of the people responsible for the creation of the project to port Global Offensive to the Source 2 engine, and it looked very good, while Valve has definitely made it clear that it is to be shut down.

According to the CS: GO community, this is a clear message that shows that Valve apparently cares that nothing like this should be developed, potentially because they are working on it themselves.

A letter from Valve

In his video, Gabe Follower confirmed that he first received an unofficial message, and then a letter came to him from Valve, the so-called C&D, which orders him to stop working on the project. The influencer can still publish material, and he can still do what he did, but there is no chance that it will ever be released.

As of now, it is known that Valve was working on Source 2 at some point and does not rule out the option of porting CS: GO to the new engine, but nothing more than that. All these file changes and references to S2 are just Valve’s precaution for the future so that it won’t have to be done possibly with the changes.