Popular CSGO site robbed of skins worth more than $700,000

One of the top CS:GO websites was hacked. As a result, skins worth more than $700,000 disappeared.

At this point, relatively little is known about it. Reportedly, the site has identified three accounts responsible for the theft, it is to them that the stolen items were reportedly transferred. In total, the losses were valued at about $700,000.

Contact has already been made with Valve, but after a few days, not much has changed. The service is unavailable for the moment. This is an unlucky situation insofar as it involves the money of ordinary players, who are additionally getting banned now.

CS:GO website hacked

Information about the hacking can be seen on the site and on social media.

Valve, for obvious reasons, does not comment on the matter. In fact, the platform itself does too – very little is known beyond the announcement itself.

It’s possible that something will move on this issue, but for now, there’s no sign of it. Players lost their skins, the site lost its reputation, and once again it turned out that the CS:GO market can be very dangerous.