Valve has added a very useful feature to CSGO which most players missed

Few people know, but Valve improved one of the most annoying things. The developers listened to the players and made changes to the maps.

CS: GO sometimes introduces important changes that, for some reason, get lost in the mass of other information. This is exactly the case this time. Gamers didn’t notice that Valve improved the process of removing Workshop Map subscriptions.

Now, to do this, just go to CS: GO properties. There you will find a workshop tab with a simple interface to manage the maps.

Why is it so important?

It’s officially confirmed that removing these maps boosts CS: GO. Players get more FPS with clean files. It’s hard to say where this dependency comes from, but even Valve recommends you delete unnecessary files every now and then.

Unfortunately, the feature found in the properties does not remove these maps from the computer. It’s possible that Valve will change that, but at this point, you have to go into folders and get rid of everything manually.

It is not too difficult and it is worth taking care of it if you have noticed drops in frames per second without any changes in your computer.