This is what selling matches in CSGO through Discord looks like. No one even hides it

Organizations write which matches will be rigged, people place bets, and then everything is split 50/50. A sad but true picture.

Richard Lewis, one of the well-known journalists affiliated with esports, showed what the Discords dealing with betting, or rather match-fixing in CS: GO look like. He says that the whole thing can’t really be stopped, mostly because the penalties for something like this are too small.

The ease with how these matches are set up is disturbing, to say the least. The scheme Richard Lewis shows is simple – an organization decides to make extra money and reveals to trusted individuals which matches they will specifically lose.

What does it look like from the inside?

“We will play 15 matches in the next 40 days. We will set more than 10. We will share the profit at 50% each.” – That’s the straightforwardly written message from a person supposedly in charge of one of the organizations.

It would seem that it can’t be that simple. And yet, it’s happening on private Discords, in a closed community that is doing just fine.

While some are trying, others know the outcome of the match perfectly even before it starts. Of course, not all matches are rigged, but even in this example it’s 10 out of 40 games. In theory, it’s all about a trusted circle, but the matter has obviously come to light.