This is what a CSGO slide could look like. New mechanics that are common in most games now

A lot of online games introduce sliding, i.e. the ability to move efficiently. What about CS: GO?

The last game to add sliding mechanics was Fortnite. This means that this way of moving is found in practically all the largest online games. Of course, CS: GO is completely different, but players were tempted to create a slide and implement it in Valve’s production.

There is virtually no chance that it will be introduced- it could disrupt the overall “integrity” of the competition. The point here is simply that it could be too OP. However, it cannot be said that it looks bad.

Slide in CS: GO

The slide was shown by a player with the nickname “dezcs”. It’s a short clip, but it shows the possibilities of this movement mechanics.


It looks interesting, but it’s just a concept that looks nice – nothing else. There is no way to bring these kinds of things into CS: GO. Especially since it would require a lot of work, testing, and time from Valve.