This is the kind of CSGO case-opening luck you’ll never experience

The chance of this happening is 1 in 160,000. Or if you prefer, 0.00000625%.

In opening cases, you simply have to be lucky or have some amazing powers from Valve. One popular influencer did something that is really hard to repeat. As players have calculated, the chances of this are 1 in 160 thousand.

And yes, a normal person will probably never succeed. No matter what, such situations just don’t happen. Well, unless you are a popular Twitch streamer. Of course, these are just conspiracy theories of people, because ohnePixel just got lucky here.

Two cases in a row

The drop itself doesn’t matter that much here, but already hitting two cases in a row is an achievement worth noting and commemorating.



The original clip garnered more than 4.1 million reach on Twitter, which shows how much people couldn’t believe it.