The unique situations in CSGO where professional gamers were unexpectedly interrupted by… Chickens

A few examples prove why it is worth eliminating chickens in CSGO. They can change the fate of the entire match.

Most of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players consider the chickens in the game to be pets that make the visual aspect of the game more pleasant. In fact, however, it turns out that chickens can cross the fate of the game, and even have a real impact on the course of it. A few examples prove it perfectly.

How do chickens change the course of rounds and even matches?

Chickens in Counter-Strike sometimes move around. In less appropriate moments, this can leave a player confused as to whether what he saw in the corner of his monitor screen is an opponent or a running chicken. By doing this, he can, for example, let go of disarming the explosive, as in the following clip:


Another case where a chicken changes the fate of a round is the case of the SK Gaming and mousesports match. The chicken literally stood behind the door which Ropz wanted to pass, while not letting it open. Thus, the contestant was unable to escape quickly enough and was eliminated by his rival, while losing the weapon he probably intended to keep.


If not for the chickens, the rounds would have ended differently in the above cases. These often affect the fate of the entire match.

On the one hand, chickens are a sweet addition to Counter-Strike, but on the other, they sometimes influence matches too much. Either way, it does not seem that Valve’s developers will change anything about them, let alone completely get rid of them from the title.