The most balanced map in all of CSGO. The only one where even PROs have 50% winrate.

Statistics from the ongoing PGL Major Antwerp confirm that one of the maps is incredibly well-balanced. How do others compare to it?

PGL Major Antwerp answers a few questions about the overall state of map balance. It’s not anything you wouldn’t expect, but it’s definitely interesting to see one of the maps that has exactly a 50% winrate on both CT and T sides.

Map balance in CS: GO

Are the maps well-balanced? It could have been better, but there’s nothing to complain about when it comes to Mirage – it’s the most balanced map in the game. The biggest difference is on Vertigo.

The rest is the same, so most of the rounds are won by the CT side, and it’s rather difficult to do anything about it. Especially since Valve doesn’t really even try and doesn’t consider it as a problem of any kind.