S1mple’s statistics show how family is important in gaming. A CSGO player met with his mother and…

A few days ago we reported that s1mple saw his mother after many months.

Family as much in gaming as in other elements of life is very important. This is shown for example by the statistics of s1mple, one of the best, if not the best CS:GO player in the world. He saw his mom after several months of separation.

Before the meeting, the player’s rating was 1.11. S1mple met his mother, spent some time with her, and immediately revived. This is shown not only in his better mood but also in his Global Offensive gameplay.

“Mom’s buff”

Players laugh that this can be called a buff from mom. And you have to admit that there is actually something to it. S1mple’s rating jumped from 1.11 to 1.39.

The entry on this topic has gained a lot of publicity among gamers, as it is direct evidence of the value of talking to loved ones. And this is something that in the life of an e-sports player can sometimes be difficult.

It’s worth remembering that results in esports as much as in other areas of life are also influenced by other people. In this case, those closest to you.