S1mple met his mother for the first time in several months

Due to the whole situation around Ukraine and because of occupation, S1mple met with his mother for the first time since IEM Katowice.

S1mple has repeatedly emphasized how close he is to his parents. That’s why the few months of separation were a difficult experience for him. In fact, the CS:GO player hasn’t seen his parents since Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice.

Recall that it was in February 2022, so it’s been several months since that tournament. Now S1mple had the opportunity to meet his mother in Malta. Naturally, there isn’t much footage of this, after all, it’s a family reunion.

S1mple’s emotion on the video

However, you can see quite clearly that S1mple is moved. The clip of this has quickly gone viral, and it’s rather not hard to see why. Being a professional player can sometimes be very difficult when it comes to relationships with loved ones.


Devoting one’s life to playing at the highest level often comes with limited contact with family, lack of a life partner and difficulty in maintaining relationships in the long run. This is emphasized by virtually everyone who has made it to the top, and regardless of the game.