S1mple is giving advice to a young CSGO player from Na`Vi Junior. “I would recommend him to ask for…”

S1mple gave advice to m0nesy, a talented young pro-player. Should he listen to him and ask for an annual rent?

After Natus Vincere’s victory at the Major in Stockholm, it is almost certain that s1mple will be hailed as the best player in the world in 2021. Due to the achievement in Sweden, the Ukrainian pro player was invited to a podcast for HLTV.

During the conversation, the issue of the young m0nesa was raised. The player advised him to ask the organization for an annual rent.

According to s1mple m0nesy “will definitely deserve to play in the Na`Vi main team”

The s1mple’s interlocutor asked him about the situation of a young, talented player – m0nesa. The Ukrainian pro player believes that his younger colleague should prove himself in the new environment:

I would recommend him to ask for an annual rent because he will definitely deserve to play for the Na`Vi main team in the future.

You never know what will happen in the future. Maybe someone will retire or something.

The professional player also mentioned English-speaking skills:

He needs to gain more experience against better teams. If I were him, I would go somewhere for a year and see what happens. His English is okay but not that good. He needs to practice this with people and talk to them about something other than CS.


S1mple also mentioned that Natus Vincere wants the best for the players, so they will never stand in the way of their development. “It’s Na`Vi. They always help the players“, he said.