CSGO players from Europe are the best in the world? Surprising comparison of ranks between regions

European CS: GO players are the best in the world? Most other regions may envy their ranks, but…

The analytical service Leetify decided to conduct another interesting research in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This time it was about the relationship of rank between regions around the world.

From its results, you can learn that European players and those from Latin America are by far the best in the world and it is difficult to look for better ones.

What are the rank statistics of individual regions in CS: GO?

You can see the rank statistics in Europe in the chart below. Most players have average skills, which can be seen, for example, in the arrangement of bars. However, there are many people who have an “eagle”, Supreme or Global.

It would seem that European players are the best in the world, but here comes the Latin American region. The statistics of the local community look really good, which can be seen at first glance.

The remaining regions, in which low or very medium ranks clearly prevail, are much worse off. We am talking about:

North America