Rocket launchers are completely changing the way CSGO is played. And the possibilities are endless

Rocket launchers are an add-on that once existed in Counter-Strike. Players are showing why it should return.

Many online games differentiate the pool of items or weapons between casual and strictly competitive modes. Fortnite is a good example of this. In casual, fast-paced games, we will encounter things that are not present in tournament modes.

In CS:GO, something similar could be done. And this is when a rocket launcher would even be ideal. As “zonny2k17” demonstrates, this weapon allows you to move quickly around the map, but also allows for unusual liquidations.

Rocket launcher in CS:GO

A similar project has worked in the community before, but it wasn’t as polished. Here it seems that “rocket jumps” actually work and make sense. What’s better, the shield reflects the projectiles, thus creating even more opportunities for creative elimination of the enemy.

Simple, cool, incredibly difficult to balance. But that’s what it’s supposed to be. No one here is talking about tournament modes, but one created officially, for fun. It would certainly bring a breath of fresh air to CS:GO a bit more than new crates, stickers, etc.