Finally someone checked all these ways to increase FPS in CSGO. One thing in particular works

One person from the CS:GO community decided to do a test that shows how FPS is affected by all those secret ways.

Everyone is surely familiar with all those ways to increase FPS that CS:GO YouTubers recommend. Rarely, however, does anyone meaningfully test it, and the title “New way to increase FPS” always attracts a mass of people.

Now one person has decided to test how seriously all these ways to increase frame rates work. It is worth mentioning that actually one thing in particular works.

FPS myths being checked

As for what actually works, there is one thing – removing maps from the workshop. This really works and is worth doing. The rest gives some small effects.

If someone presses you in the future that something works, it is worth showing them. This is a reasonably reliable test that has already become very popular.