CSGO was backed up and is being tested for Source 2 – this is what leakers are showing from the files

Valve is up to something with Source2, a day like any other. What has changed this time?

Valve’s followers confirm that the developers have backed up CS: GO. Now apparently the new engine is being tested, or at least that’s what the leakers say. It is not known to what extent this is true and what it actually means, but again – this is another example of the fact that something is constantly happening and changing on the topic.

The tests are ongoing

What you need to know about all this is that Valve is actually changing something, doing something with Source 2. There is no guesswork anymore. It’s a sure thing that developers will want to switch to a new engine at some point.

The same unanswered question is still circulating in the CS: GO community – when will the game finally be ported to Source 2? This is not known and specific dates are unlikely to be expected, at least in the near future.