Players discovered a new boost in CSGO on Overpass. It resembles an illegal “olofboost”

The popular olofmeister boost has been banned. However, the players discovered something different, but working on a similar principle.

In 2014, Fnatic used a very interesting move against the LDLC team. The players of the first of the above-mentioned formations jumped up from BS A on the Overpass in such a way as to be able to see what is happening on BS B.

At the very top of this “pad” was olofmeister who eliminated 2 opponents. Ultimately, the tactic was found illegal and the match was retaken and lost by Fnatic.

This trick must be handled very carefully

Valve commemorated the 2014 event with a special sign warning players not to climb the railings. Indeed, it can be assumed that this applies to most of the map, and similar such plays will also be considered forbidden. The tactic from the clip below should therefore not be used anywhere else than in official MMs, as it is permissible there.


It is worth knowing that there are alternatives to “olofboost” that can be useful when playing matchmaking with friends. This can give counter-terrorists a big advantage because you can not only see the positions of your opponents but also eliminate them.

It is possible that in some time this trick will not work because the developers will prevent it from being performed by modifying the map.