New drivers double the FPS in CSGO. Who will benefit from it?

Some CS:GO players will be strongly pleased with this. The new drivers turned out to be a hit in terms of FPS numbers.

CS:GO players relatively rarely get such really good news, so they will definitely be happy, at least some of them. Everyone wants as many FPS as possible, and with older graphics cards these high values were difficult to achieve.

Now there’s a new version of graphics card drivers that raise FPS numbers by up to two times. Of course, most will notice the difference by those dozen or so FPS, but it’s still a lot.

Who will be happy to see more FPS?

We’re referring here to owners of Intel cards. If you have Nvidia, unfortunately you have no reason to be happy, at least at this point.

In a nutshell, if you have Intel cards, download the latest driver update. You should feel the difference immediately. Many people confirm that it is noticeable.

Certainly good news for all those who opted for Intel cards, only to complain for some time afterwards about poor optimization.