Literally a second is all it takes to turn on cheats at CSGO’s biggest tournaments

If cheating in the biggest tournaments is that easy, what about on normal servers?

Cheating is a topic about which everything possible has probably already been said in the context of CS:GO. However, there is little information on the web about what cheating at these biggest tournaments looks like in 2022.

It turns out that it is very easy. All thanks to today’s technology that allows you to upload additional software no longer only to the mouse, but also to the keyboard. The effect of something like this is quite predictable.

All it really takes is a second

A Swedish documentary on cheating in CS:GO checked whether it is possible to upload boosters during Elitserien Spring 2022. It turned out that it is possible and trivially easy to do.

The entire document is in Swedish, and this is the most important snippet that shows how simple it is (the action is confirmed by the flashing red dot in the corner of the screen):


Here there is not even a question of not getting caught. All you have to do is press one key and that’s it. Of course, after that you need to behave “normally” in the game itself and not arouse the suspicion of the game evaluators, while infecting CS itself is, as you can see, very simple.