It is worth knowing that this glass in CSGO is bulletproof. This allows you to easily eliminate opponents

CS: GO players show another trick that relatively few people know about.

There are tons of major and minor bugs in CS: GO. One of them allows you to get a rather unexpected advantage. All thanks to the fact that the authors of the map missed one detail. The glass that should normally be shot through is bulletproof.

People who know about it take advantage of it. Others are tricked and shoot at the glass that cannot be destroyed. The effect of this is that you can trick your opponent.

Bulletproof glass in CS: GO

As “ScopeGG” shows, you can fool your opponent well, who after a while of shooting will be really irritated by the situation.


The use of this type of error is not the basis for being banned, because there is no reason to do so. The player might as well explain that he was just jumping in this place and didn’t know he had any advantage.