Is it better to defend or rotate in CSGO? The statistics of the best players leave no doubt

How to play on a given map in CS:GO and what is most effective?

Is it better to play defensively on a given bombsite, or to rotate quickly between points? These questions have been asked by Global Offensive players for many years. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer or golden advice that will change your gameplay completely.

However, there is something that can help you decide, and it’s statistics. Players have managed to compile a special list that can help many players and at the same time teach some interesting information.

Holding or rotating?

Depending on the map in CS:GO, it’s a good idea to adjust your tactics in order to perform as well as possible and prevent the terrorists get on the site from planting a pack. On one point, it will be a better choice if the defenders stay, and on the other rotate.

Arguably, experienced players know very well where and how to position themselves and the benefits that can come from doing so. However, not everyone has this knowledge, and for this reason it is worth taking a peek at the statistics:

The 6 most popular maps were taken into account. As you can see, staying anchored on “A” is best on Overpass. The worst, on the other hand, is on De Dust II. As for “B”, this position on Nuke is worth considering, although in this case, all maps are comparable. Looking at Rotation, this one fares better in virtually every respect. Likewise rotating on the map with AWP.