Better be careful with suspicious movement in CSGO. Anti-cheat is starting to look at it

Although it sounds alarming, this is very good news. Anticheat, according to leakers, will pay more attention to the way players move.

AC in CS:GO is not perfect and everyone rather knows it. Gabe Follower, i.e. a person who keeps up to date with all of Valve’s moves, reports that a lot may change in the topic of cheater detection.

What specifically is it about? VACnet is to start paying attention to suspicious movements, including quick mouse flicks, weird bunny hops, etc. It’s hard to say how much this will affect CS:GO, but these certainly are changes in the right direction.

Will cheaters be banned faster?

The positive news is that since suspicious moves will now be looked at even closer than before, cheaters should be eliminated faster. The bad news is that Valve is responsible, so it’s completely unclear how this will work out.

The changes have gone into effect now, and so far there is no sign of an increase in the number of bans, so it is likely that the system is somehow assisting decision-making rather than being the main driver.