Hidden commands in CSGO that allow you to use animations for unusual objects

CS:GO players run additional animations in the simplest possible way and without mods, additional programs, etc.

Most people realize that Valve has not used everything that developers themselves have implemented into CS. This is the case, for example, with animations. There are many in the game that are “wasted” and not used.

This is the case, for example, with menu animations. They can be triggered with hidden commands that practically no one knows. The effect is worthwhile because it adds some variety. It is not forbidden, because you do not use anything but the console for this.

Hidden animations in CS:GO

To enable animations, go to settings in the left corner of the screen, then “Game” and change the console’s enable mode to “Yes.”

After that, all that’s left is to play with the commands. Each side has its own, differing only by one letter.

  • ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t grenade0
  • ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct grenade0

  • ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t grenade1
  • ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct grenade1

  • ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t grenade2
  • ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct grenade2

  • ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t grenade3
  • ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct grenade3

  • ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t grenade4
  • ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct grenade4

  • ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t heavy5
  • ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct heavy5

  • ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t equipment0
  • ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct equipment0

  • ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t equipment1
  • ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct equipment1

  • ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t equipment2
  • ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct equipment2